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Dominica Calypso Road March Kings

1978 Spider – Sechey Ferdinand 1979 Mico – Come down Jesus 1980 Spider – Sanky  1981 DBS – Don Don Don 1982 Ency & Tronada – Bombers from Sout  1983 Dyno – Dyno (how I love you so)  1984 Ency – Humble servant  1985 Rabbit – Marry the girl Charlie[...]

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Inversion Therapy

Inversion therapy is a therapeutic intervention that is mostly practiced for back pain treatment. Under this therapy, the treatment is performed by tilting in an inverted position or hanging the body upside down. An equipment known as inversion table is used for performing this therapy. These tables are customized and allow[...]

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Dominica Calypso Association Address Libel and Slander

A recent court ruling that ordered calypsonian Checko, to pay E.C $130,000 to one government worker, has prompted members of the Dominica Calypso Association (DCA) to speak out. Checko, whose real name is Abel Jno Baptiste, was ordered to pay the said amount to Venezuelan Ambassador to Dominica, Dr. Philbert[...]

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Dominica 2014 calypso king dice

Dice Again – 2014 Calypso Monarch King

The first time that I saw Dice sing it was at a junior calypso show help by the Saint Mary’s Academy on the school grounds and I said then this guy will be big if he moves into the big ring and he has proven me right since then.

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Leona walks out of Stardom Calypso Queen Show

The many persons who patronized the Stardom Tent Queen Show on Wednesday night were left deeply dissatisfied when 2014 calypso sensation Leona, walked out of the Sisserou Hotel venue without performing. Master of ceremonies, Alex Bruno, announced to the crowd that Leona, who is a member of the Showdown Mas[...]

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Pat Aaron

Pat Aaron (facebook piece)

Well another Saturday morning for the Mas Camp assassins. I have always found that fellers who cannot even blow a whistle in the right key, because they have access to the radio by proxy, always see themselves the experts of calypso. They can listen to a piece of a song[...]

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Political bickering threatening Dominica’s calypso

A cultural activist who has been involved in the calypso industry in Dominica for over twenty years has identified the infiltration of partisan politics in the art form as a major threat. Alex Bruno, who has also served on the executive of the Dominica Calypso Association for ten years, said[...]

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Calypso Drift

An excerpt from Steinberg Henry’s “Calypso Drift.”

The following is an excerpt from Steinberg Henry’s “Calypso Drift.” In this excerpt, author and broadcaster Alex Bruno speaks with June “Sandy” Soanes – a 2007 conversation. Here goes – … I read a marvelous morning, even one bearing signs of an erotic linguistic unfolding on radio. Its spoken language[...]

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Dominica Calypso

Calypso History

In the sixties, calypso and steelband music became very popular and indeed replaced lapo kabwit and chanté mas as the music of carnival, particularly in the capital Roseau. Many of the traditional songs were performed in the new calypso beat. Calypsonians and calypso monarch competitions emerged and became extremely popular.[...]

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