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Monarch Year(s)

1978 Zeye 1979 Shakey
1980 Spider 1981 Tronada
1982 Ency 1983 Ency
1984 Rabbit 1985 Ency
1986 Venturer 1987 Venturer
1988 Ency 1989 Wizard
1990 Wizard 1991 Scrunter
1992 Scrunter 1993 Hurricane
1994 Hurricane 1995 Scrunter
1996 Hurricane 1997 Brakes
2004 Dice 2005 Dice
2006 Dice 2007 DE Hunter
2008 Dice 2009 Karessah
2010 Karessah 2011 Tasha P
2012 King Dice 2013 King Dice
2014 King Dice ?

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An excerpt from Steinberg Henry’s “Calypso Drift.” PDF Print E-mail
Written by Steinburg Henry   
Tuesday, 28 January 2014 00:18

The following is an excerpt from Steinberg Henry’s “Calypso Drift.” In this excerpt, author and broadcaster Alex Bruno speaks with June “Sandy” Soanes – a 2007 conversation. Here goes --

… I read a marvelous morning, even one bearing signs of an erotic linguistic unfolding on radio. Its spoken language continued to amuse me.

Last Updated on Sunday, 16 February 2014 19:37
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Dominica CalypsoIn the sixties, calypso and steelband music became very popular and indeed replaced lapo kabwit and chanté mas as the music of carnival, particularly in the capital Roseau. Many of the traditional songs were performed in the new calypso beat. Calypsonians and calypso monarch competitions emerged and became extremely popular. Steelbands emerged all around the country.

A Bit Of History PDF Print E-mail

The songs and music were the backbone of masquerade. The mimicry and ridicule of the costumes were matched by the satire of the songs. The words were full of double meaning and innuendo. The calypsonians have carried on the tradition by disguising the true meaning of the lyrics.

article thumbnail Dominica Calypso Association Address Libel and Slander
Monday, 14 April 2014 | Administrator

A recent court ruling that ordered calypsonian Checko, to pay E.C $130,000 to one government worker, has prompted members of the Dominica Calypso Association (DCA) to speak out. Checko, whose...